Camer1 – Gospel Graffiti

Camer1 – Gospel Graffiti


Cameron Moberg is one of the most unique graffiti artists in San Francisco, USA.

Camer1 grew up drawing but fell in love with hip hop at 5 years old when his cousin taught him and his brother how to do the worm and the coffee grinder.

After that Camers big bro got ahold of every hip hop VHS “how to” video he could so they could learn.

Although Camer knew about graffiti and was drawing non stop, he was more focused on breakdancing. It wasn’t until later when his brother showed him a graffiti zine in 1992 that he fell in LOVE!

“It was the first time color jumped off the page at me. It blew my mind how they could make something flow across a whole wall!”

From there on out it was letters, letters and more letters. He bombed through middle school and high school but stopped shortly after.

In late 2000, when he met Fasm, he started to venture in to mural production. He got in to Gospel Graffiti crew around 2001 and began painting part time to help supplement his ministry income.

Early 2015 he won a reality show called Street Art Throwdown. Winning the show and feeling the call to be more encompassed within the street art and graffiti community, he ventured in to becoming a full time artist.

He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two sons. He feels very called to the art and business world as he “listens for the Holy Spirit to open doors for conversations.

“It’s a tough thing to navigate in San Francisco for sure”.